He Washes Your Feet Too

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As the rain is pouring down hard tonight and washing away so much with it, I’m thinking about Jesus washing his disciples’ feet. Jesus did not have to do so. He knew every one of them. He knew their past, present, and future. He knew what their tomorrow held and how each of them would betray Him. He knew their story, their heart, their emotions, their thoughts, and their actions. There wasn’t an inch about them that He didn’t know. He knew the best and the worst, the happiest and the saddest, the proudest and most shame-filled moments, the joys and the hurts.

He kneeled down and washed their feet. He picked up the dirtiest part of their bodies; the dirtiest part of their lives. The part that nobody else would want to see, touch, or deal with.

As the rain is pouring down hard tonight and washing everything away with it, I’m picturing Jesus kneeled at my feet and washing them clean. I never thought of Jesus being at my feet. I always think of me being at His.

But tonight, He is lovingly, graciously, nonjudgmentally washing my feet from the dirt of the path I have been on. My own dirt, the one from this world, or even the one put on me by others. And, He is all-powerful to do so as He received all authority from His Father. So that tomorrow, I can start walking again with cleansed feet, with a renewed sense of His love, care, joy, peace, and promises.

What is the dirt that you feel needs to be washed tonight? Sit still and let Jesus kneel down at your feet and wash them clean.

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