Letting go of 2017

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Let me jump to the New Year and maybe give you a different perspective before you dive in or run away from this “happy new year” season.

Looking at a friend the other day, she was lost in her thoughts. I looked at her and said: “what are you thinking about?” She replied: “I’m thinking about 2017 and I do not want to be in 2018”. Well, that seemed like an interesting statement. I inquired about the nature of this declaration. She said: “because my sister passed away in 2017, I do not want to let go of 2017. I won’t have any memories with her in 2018”. Ugh… That’s right, we have all lost something in 2017. And losing always hurts because we were created to win. We are deep down wired with victory. It’s in our blood, it flows in our veins, and our DNA refuses to believe anything below victory. God created us that way, to His image, the image of a God who always is, who always wins. So, when we are faced with loss, our deepest being, our entire being cringes at this reality. The reality that since the original sin, we live in a broken world with an enemy tracking us down like a prey ready to devour us.

Whatever you have lost this year, you know the pain and if you let “it” simmer, it will grow and define your 2018. That is your choice. Maybe you have lost someone close: a parent, a sibling, a friend… maybe you have lost something dear: a job, a dream, a vision, a relationship… whatever it is, it will define your 2018 if you chose to let it control you. Whatever you have lost could lead you to fail the battle altogether. OR, you can CHOOSE to let that loss fall into the ground, die, and become a beautiful tree bearing many fruits in 2018. You can CHOOSE to let your lost be used as a victory and a testimony.

Jesus had to die and be buried for 3 days before He rose again. Death had to come before life. Loss preceded victory. Destruction has always the potential to bring life. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy but Jesus came that we may have life, and have it to the full (John 10:10). It is not the other way around. We can’t have a testimony without a test. We can’t win a battle without a war. We can’t be victorious before being attacked.

So, cheer up and embrace 2018 to the fullest. Let go of 2017 and everything that has dragged you down and let it be buried into the ground. It will produce a beautiful tree in 2018 and many will see it and be saved. It will produce a strong tree that has been tested by the storm even to the point of losing some of its branches, but has remained anchored into the earth and rooted in the only source to Victory, rooted in Jesus.

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