Abide in the Light

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I have come as a light into the world, that whoever believes in Me should not abide in darkness – John 12: 46


At first, it reads as an invitation to unbelievers, like the invitation I first heard when I surrendered my life to Christ. Yes, I acknowledged the Light and walked away from the side of darkness. I acknowledged the darkness in my life and embraced the light. How could I run away from the Light anyway? When the Light came, it turned off the darkness. Darkness had to flee. Darkness simply does not exist in the Light. It is impossible. Even when I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, there is Light. A shadow simply can’t exist without the presence of Light.


But this is more than the invitation to go to the Light side of things. It is an invitation to abide in the Light.


Abide…to remain, to continue, to stay, to dwell, to accept, to stand for, to acknowledge, to receive, to be big about, to hang in, to swallow, to live with… abide.


How many times do I start my day abiding in the Light and finish it sitting in the dark? How often does a thought cross my mind and pulls me from light to darkness, from joy to sadness, from peace to fear? How fast does my decision-making process goes from being embedded with Light to soaked with more rational and lightless actions? How frequently do I let my mind sit in darkness? How regularly do I choose to abide on the other side of the Light?


The sun rises, Light appears and the day looks bright and clear. Clouds cover the sky and I suddenly forget that behind those, there is Light. Regardless of the darkness, there is still Light and Light prevails. Always. But like …. I need to abide in the Light. It is a decision. Daily. It is a process, a lifelong one. It is a choice, a beautiful one. It is grace, the amazing kind.


How do I abide in Light instead of darkness throughout my day? I believe in the Light. I believe. I anchor my hope in the Light. I rely on the truth of the message of the Light. I fix my eyes upon the Light and let It blind me to darkness. When I stare at the Light for long enough, everything I look at right after has a touch of light in it just like when I stare at the sun and try to look at other things right after. My vision changes because I chose to look at the Light, because I abode in it. My vision can’t see anything nor guide me when I sit in darkness. I am blind.


Like a sunflower following the sun from sunrise to sundown, I want to follow the Light throughout the day. Because Light induces life-giving thoughts and behavior. As long as I choose to abide in darkness I cannot think or produce good things. Everyone knows that not much grows in darkness except bad things like mold. So, today, I choose to abide in Light. Throughout the day, I will choose Light. When darkness comes, I will call upon and will follow the Light. Because Whoever follows the Light will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life (John 8:12).






  1. This encouraged me today; just what I needed to read. You have an incredible gift. Please keeping writing!

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