Week 28 – Semaine 28

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I’m officially in my third trimester! This is week 28 for baby B and he is growing nicely. This week, per one of my pregnancy apps, baby B is the size of a New England Cottontail bunny! Awe… that made me think about our sweet little bun bun in Chad, Africa. Do you remember we had a bunny in Chad? (https://mightytravelling.com/2014/07/16/biscotte-the-bunny-biscotte-le-lapin/) and it also made me think of my bunny growing up. I had a bunny at my grandparents’ growing up and I loved him very much (see picture below). One day, I went to their house and my bunny was gone. My grandmother told me he had ran away (again). So, I waited for him to come back for months (because he had escaped before and would always come back). But this time, he didn’t. Fast forward 15 years later. My grandmother had a stroke and hasn’t been able to talk since then. One day, I went to visit her and I was reminding her about my bunny and how he had escaped… she stopped me shaking her head indicating that I had the facts wrong. I looked at her and she moved her index to let me know that “no” he hadn’t escaped. And she put her hand towards her face motioning that she had eaten the bunny!!!! 🙁


Anyway… baby B is the size of a bunny this week, he is thumping like one too but no one will eat him! He sure has a lot of energy. I passed my glucose test (yeah!!!) and we now can’t wait to meet his sweet little face!


Je suis officiellement dans mon troisième trimestre! Je suis à la 28ème semaine et bébé B grandit bien. Cette semaine, selon mon application que j’ai téléchargée pour suivre ma grossesse, bébé B a la taille d’un lapin ! Oh… que c’est mignon. Cela m’a fait penser à mon lapin au Tchad, Vous souvenez-vous de Biscotte? https://mightytravelling.com/2014/07/16/biscotte-the-bunny-biscotte-le-lapin/)  et cela m’a aussi fait penser au lapin que j’avais chez ma grand-mère quand j’étais petite (voir la photo ci-dessous). Qu’est-ce que je l’aimais ce lapin! Un jour, je vais chez ma grand-mère et mon lapin avait disparu. Il lui arrivait de s’échapper de temps à autre mais il revenait toujours. Je l’ai attendu plusieurs semaines. J’espérais qu’il reviendrait… 15 ans plus tard, ma grand-mère a fait un AVC et elle a perdu la parole. Un jour, alors que je lui rendais visite, je lui ai rappelé l’histoire de mon lapin et comment il s’était sauvé et n’était jamais revenu. Elle me regarde et me fait signe de la tête que non, je n’ai pas la bonne version des faits. Là, elle lève la main et la porte à sa bouche pour me montrer qu’en fait, elle avait mangé mon lapin 🙁


Enfin… bébé B va bien, il a la taille d’un lapin, il tape bien des pattes mais personne ne va le manger ! J’ai hâte de le rencontrer !




  1. oh my goodness, your grandma!! That must have been quite a shock to hear about your bunny. (btw what a precious photo of you when you were little with your bunny. Your lashes!!) But in the meantime, how wonderful about your expectant bun bun! Can’t wait to meet him and thankful you and he are well.

    1. Hey Lou! Yes, it was a shock! My grandmother used to kill chickens and goats to eat. I was used to that but I thought my bunny was a pet and not a future dinner 🙁 I hope she did not feed it to me!!! heheh! Thank you for your kind words. Love you sis!!!

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