Puppy Super Bowl

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So, while many were watching the Super Bowl with Beyoncé and whatever political statement, Woody and I were watching the Puppy Super Bowl. Well, first of all, my husband was not around to watch football. Second, the only boy in the house was Woody but he is not into the regular Super Bowl (who could blame him, huh? and his mama is from Europe…). I started flipping through the channels and we came across the Puppy Super Bowl. What is it?  (I hear you ask). The Animal Planet channel was having a bunch of puppies running after a ball and it was commented just like the Super Bowl. Lots of fun, no rules, no stops in between plays, and lots of cuddles between touch downs! Woody started to watch and there went the evening (there were fun commercials for cat food too). No political statements, no controversies, and only puppy love! Enjoy the picture 🙂

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