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Would you do me a favor? This year, I have seen over 5,000 hits on my blog. THANK YOU SO MUCH! But would you do me a favor as we close 2015 and open a new year? Would YOU comment on my blog with two things? One thing that was great, awesome, super, fun, happy… in 2015 and one thing that you are looking forward to seeing this coming year. With all the bad news going on around the world, I’d love to get some good news from you. Also, I would be fun to read more from you out there. It is easy, go to the bottom of this page and leave your two things. Could you do that? THANK YOU and HAPPY NEW YEAR guys!

Est-ce que vous pourriez me rendre un petit service ? Cette année, plus de 5,000 personnes ont lu mon blog. MERCI BEAUCOUP ! Mais j’ai un petit service à vous demander alors que nous terminons 2015 et commençons la nouvelle année. Est-ce que vous pouvez laisser un commentaire sur cette page ? Un commentaire avec deux choses : une chose pour laquelle vous êtes reconnaissants cette année… une chose géniale qui est arrivée, une bonne nouvelle… et une chose que vous voulez voir en 2016. Si vous regardez les infos, il n’y a que des mauvaises nouvelles partout… J’aimerais avoir des bonnes nouvelles de vous et… Ce serait super de lire vos commentaires. C’est facile, allez en bas de cette page et laissez votre commentaire. Est-ce que vous pouvez faire cela ? MERCI et BONNE ANNNEE les amis !





  1. Thankful for a new job in 2015 – God Blessed me with a great local job back in March! In 2016 I am looking forward to continued healing in my son Aidan – his speech and other issues will continue to improve and he will be ready to start kindergarten at the same level as all other 5 year olds! God has great plans for this child and I believe we will see much improvement in 2016!

  2. It has been a year full of great blessings in 2015!! We are thankful for God giving our Daughter the man of her dreams as well as giving us a wonderful Son-in-law; the end of suffering in sickness and the home going of my Sister with her Creator and Savior; a precious new Granddaughter born to our Son and Daughter-in-law and little Sister to our incredible Grandson; the news of another wonderful Grandchild in July 2016; the growth of our wonderful Church Family; and many other blessings!! We are so proud of you, Travis and Maite, for allowing God to lead you. You both are a wonderful blessing to us!!

  3. Bonne et heureuse année 2016.
    Nous vous remercions pour votre gentillesse et amour. Pour cette nouvelle année nous vous souhaitons beaucoup de bonheur, santé, longévité et beaucoup d’amour sans oublier le succès. Nous serons très content de porter votre bébé en 2016
    . We lobe you .

  4. One awesome thing in 2015 was that I found a job. I’m thankful for feeling useful once again and working with great people God has put in my path. Two things (I’m cheating here) that I look forward to seeing in 2016 are my daughter graduate from high school and seeing you and Travis!! I hope we can! Much love and God’s best to you both and your families in 2016!

  5. One thing I’m grateful for this year are all the blessings and lessons God graced me with. This coming year I am praying that terrorism can be erased, and looking forward to God making that happen.

  6. Maïté and Travis, I have been following your adventures and the Lord’s work in your lives for some time now. Though we are not close I have appreciated sharing in it!

    2015 was quite a year – I am so thankful to have been able to leave a very difficult and unsatisfactory work situation to pursue one that is more meaningful for me. Also, I can see how far I’ve come personally, and am blessed to have a supportive husband and family through it all.

    What I’m looking forward to in 2016? The end of a transitional season, on many different levels, and coming into a season of grounding.

    Love and blessings to you and Travis. Bonne année 2016 !!

  7. My greatest joy and excitement in 2015 was going to France on my own and taking a 2 week emersion class. I fulfilled a passion I have for the French language and culture and learned good things about myself and my abilities along the way. This is always a good thing.
    I look forward to continuing the same pursuit of learning French during the coming year. I challenge myself in healthy ways to be a better human being by being kinder and more patient.
    I love your blogs because they are filled with positive energy. Congratulation on earning your doctorate! I look forward to following your future challenges.
    I may never be fluent in French but I am so much more because of the journey and that is what life is really about. Thank you for the role you played in my journey!

  8. ma plus grande joie en 2015 eut lieu pendant l’été, j’ai eu un merveilleux moment de clairvoyance où j’ai réalisé le bonheur qui m’est offert d’avoir un mari aimant, un fils affectueux, un toit sur ma tête et le Seigneur dans ma vie…
    pour 2016 la joie que nous attendons et espérons devrait pointer le bout de son nez autour du 19 août 2016 pour venir agrandir notre famille! <3

  9. L’année 2015 a été très enrichissante. Nous avons passé des moments avec des gens merveilleux. Il y a eu tellement peu de points noirs que je ne m’en souviens même plus!!
    2016 s’annonce meilleure encore. Si tout se passe comme prévu, je serai marraine d’un adorable petit bout, que du bonheur!

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