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We go through life and things happen. Good and not so good (well, that is based on our opinion) because God is good and He says that EVERTHING works TOGETHER for our good. But we go through life and things happen. Things, events and circumstances happen that sometimes shake us to the core of who we are. We hate these things, we try to fight against them, and we certainly act like God did not know that they were going to happen. These things come our way and we react so surprised! Well, I have good news for you today, THIS IS NOT A SURPRISE TO GOD. Whatever you are going through, whatever you are feeling, whatever life has thrown at you, God knew it would happen and He provided a way for us to deal with it

The Bible declares that He made our whole being, He formed us, and all the days planned for us are written in His book before we were one day old (Psalm 139).

He knew every one of our days before He even created us and His plan of redemption included every one of these days and what they would entail.

So, we go through our days and worry, worry, worry and worry some more… for what? Last weekend, my husband and I went to the movies and watched the latest Spielberg movie with Tom Hanks. Bridge of Spies. Great movie. One Russian spy is about to be condemned by America and could be put to death because of his acts. This spy is so calm. His lawyer, Tom Hanks, asks him: “and you are not worry knowing that they could give you the death sentence?” The spy replies: “would that help?” Ha Ha! Would that help if we worried? Would that help if we did exactly the opposite of what Jesus told us not to do? Not to worry about anything. Now… hear me out, I am not saying… don’t care about anything and don’t stop doing what you are supposed to do. But… everything we face is in HIS hands, He knew before it arrived!

When Jesus died on the cross, He said: “It is finished”. Well, it is finished. It has accomplished everything and provided for everything we needed for today. Everything we needed to face what seems a surprise to us but not to Him. When He died, He knew what today would bring and He made provision for it. Come in His presence and rest in receiving what you need to face your surprises today. Psalm 139 even goes further saying that He knows what we need before we even say the word!

Keep your eyes on Jesus… and whatever comes your way… would it really help if you worried about it?

Have a great Christmas month!

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