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Life is normal, you are enjoying a nice day and out of nowhere…chaos starts. Have you been there? You are having the perfect morning, afternoon, evening, time with friends, discussion with colleagues…and suddenly, chaos settles in your heart and you feel things are upside down. You don’t think rationally anymore, you argue, you go down a road where reason left you when you decide to go there… Can you relate?

Well, let me give you another example, a personal one. Last week, my husband and I are having a great walk outside (let me remind you that we are on vacation and that life is great). I need to say that I had just had a nap and still felt a little sleepy and it was hot and humid. We are walking, enjoying the beautiful beach houses on the way, talking about life and… Well, I was hot. I said:”it’s a little hot, can we take a left here and go through this neighborhood?” (it seemed like it had more shade). It didn’t make any sense to my husband as we didn’t know where the road would lead us… From there, I’ll spare the details, but a long argument of two hours started about turning into unknown neighborhoods, taking lefts, and being hot.
After being mad at each other over literally nothing, my husband looked at me and said: “you know, some pastor preached about this”. Me:”really? About what?” He said:”chaos”. As soon as he said the word, I remembered the message and almost laughed at us and our stupid argument.
Let me explain it to you in a few words… Maybe this will help you when you are having the perfect day and out of nowhere chaos tries to settle in. Satan wants to be like God. He wanted to become his equal and lost his position in heaven. But he still wants to be like God. One major characteristic of God is that He is a creator, The creator. He creates things out of nothing. He speaks and things are formed into existence. He did when He created this world and still does it in our lives every day. He calls things into existence without needing a support to create it. Beautiful things, redeeming things, things that bring glory to His name. Satan wants to do the same thing…he wants to create.CHAOS. That is the only thing he creates…CHAOS. Ugly things, destructing things, things that bring us far from our Creator.
So, do you still wonder why you can have the most beautiful day and in a split second feel like chaos has settled in? Don’t look further. But here is the caveat… Satan can’t create things out of nothing, he is not a creator. He takes things that are existing in our lives to turn them to chaos. He can use my pride, my selfishness, my grumpiness, and I’ll let you finish the list, to create chaos. So, satan has the power to create chaos into our lives with things that we have not submitted to Christ. These things are vacuums for him to create chaos.
Once my husband said the word chaos, I remembered that message and we both apologized to each other and submitted ourselves to God. Chaos left and order came back.
Now… Since last week, my husband and I have been joking: “we have established that we can’t turn left!” 😂
If you want to listen to the entire message, here is the link

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