Double dipping

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Double dipping. Have you heard the word before? Maybe you are thinking… yes, that thing that happens when someone dips a chip into the salsa, eats a bite out of it, and dips it again (yuk for people who share the same salsa bowl!). Apparently, you can do the same thing with a job. You can have a government job, collect a salary, and collect a salary from another private company.  Double dipping. The problem? Just like with the salsa, it is ILLEGAL. Not to mention the fact that you can’t be at both jobs for 40 hours a week! In Chad, it is common practice. Quite often, we find out that people who work for the Chadian government also reap the salary from another private organization. Once the company finds out, they need to ask that employee to resign. I guess… You can’t have salsa twice!


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