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It’s thanksgiving and today, most American families will gather at a table and share a most than sufficient meal. It’s that one time a year that most people will go out of their way to make sure that their loved ones won’t lack of any good things.

Walking on the beach this morning and enjoying the amazing peace and sight, I thought… There is always a table opened for me in the presence of the Lord. The Bible declares that He is my shepherd and that I shall not want. It also declares that in His presence, there is fulness of joy. Psalm 87 also declares that all my sources are in You!

Whether you will be with family or friends or far away in a foreign country, there is a table set for you today… His table. Come and feast! And you will have more than enough… More than enough joy, peace, healing, strength…

Enjoy this beautiful song by Chris Tomlin!

And happy thanksgiving! We are thankful for each one of you!






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