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We are now less than two months before our departure from the United States to Africa. Our apartment that served as a classroom for my husband to learn French is now becoming a warehouse. Why?

Chad, the country where we are moving to for two years, is one of the poorest countries on earth. There are few grocery stores. If you are lucky to find items you like, it will cost you three or four times what you would pay in the States and you may not see that item the next time you go to the store. Some people have said that the country also experience shortage of milk, butter, and other basic necessities. So, we are now shopping for our next two years and transforming our apartment into a warehouse!

This is a challenge! It is difficult to estimate how much stuff we need. Could you tell me how many rolls of toilet paper you would need for your family for the next two years? What about coffee? Could you tell me how much dishwashing soap or shampoo you would use? What about cans of tuna, beans and boxes of pasta or rice? So, I spend my days shopping. What a dream for a girl! For this one, I will literally shop until I drop!

Food is not the only concern. We need clothes that will be comfortable for 100 F weather year around and comfortable for desert like condition. Chad is in the Sahara desert and I can’t imagine wearing heels and little dresses. We also need to get clothes that will cover our arms and legs because of the mosquitos. Talking of mosquitos, I have received 14 shots within the last month. I sure am protected against a bunch of diseases.

The last shopping item of this week was an ice cream maker. My husband loves ice cream, so I am learning to make some with basic ingredients in order to be able to make it in Chad. That will be the highlight of our weeks, I am sure.

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    1. Amen! I agree with Joanna, that you’ll get exactly the right amounts of everything you need. Love you, you’re doing a super job!!

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