Cold, hot, cold

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So, it has been cold this winter. Anybody living in the North East knows this by now… but people down south haven’t been that cold! We went to spend the weekend in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and it was 70F when we landed last Saturday. So, we went from cold to hot back to cold in which I caught a cold!

Anyway, we went and visited out great friends Melody and Andy. We spent the weekend with them and their adorable three children. We met them almost seven years ago when we moved to Virginia Beach. Little anecdote about Andy… he always loved my homemade lasagna so much that I would make it for them each time they would come over. One time, they went on a trip to Italy and Andy ate lasagna at each restaurant they went to. He said that none came close to mine. What a compliment. So, I made some for them this weekend and we had a feast!





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