Busy January… oh my…it’s already February!

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Some of you have been emailing asking for updates. I am sorry if I did not write for the last couple of weeks but it seems like January 1st was yesterday. So, let’s try to summarize our latest.

At the beginning of January, my husband went back to learning French after a few days off and I went back to work. A few weeks into January, we went and visited our friends in St Simons Island, GA. A few years ago, we lived on the island and we became really close with a group of people that we met at church. As a matter of fact, we considered this church our home church today. We had a nice weekend by the palm trees and good southern food 🙂




The following weekend, we went to see Michael W. Smith in concert at the Kennedy Center in DC. What a treat! He was playing with a full orchestra and a choir of 250 people! It was the first time that he played at the Kennedy Center.


The following day, I was on a plane to go to Belgium. I hadn’t planned on going back until April but my grandfather was sick and I wanted to see him. So, I arrived in Belgium and spent some time with him at the hospital. The whole week was pretty tough as he was hallucinating and sleeping a lot. On the last day of my trip, I walked into the room and he was all awake. He was saying goodbye to my grandmother who had visited and I took a great picture of them. Here it is:


It was such a happy afternoon as he was overwhelmed with love after seeing his wife. We talked for 20 minutes and when I left the room, I hugged him and he said: May God be with you. I knew I wouldn’t see him again but I was glad I had this time with him. My grandfather was such a man of faith and prayer. He left me a legacy worth more than gold. I’ll miss him.


I also had the chance to spend sometime with my family. I saw my parents, sisters, both grandmothers, friends from church and my best friend from high school and college.






I came home from Europe and the following weekend; we had to drive the cats to Pennsylvania. Our cats will stay with friends while we are in Africa, so we drove them to do a two week trial. Woody and Britain have been with us for seven years and leaving them is the hardest thing to me. I don’t mind about leaving to go live in a hot and poor place; I mind leaving my two little fur balls (everyone is different, right?) They are then with wonderful friends in Pennsylvania. We are so blessed to have these friends in our lives! The cats seem to be adjusting really well. Woody has already won everybody’s heart with his unique personality filled with tricks and love and Britain is coming out of her shell little by little. Here is Woody with his new little friend.


So, they are up there for two weeks. We will get them back soon and then bring them back up to Pennsylvania a few days before our departure to Africa. Well… I knew it was going to be hard… It didn’t know it was going to be that hard. Not seeing them around is really tough but I know that God will give us the grace to walk that path.


On the same day that we dropped the cats off, my grandfather passed away. He closed his eyes on Sunday, February 9th, a few hours after lunch time. He left in peace and I rejoice because the minute he closed his eyes on earth, he opened them in heaven and the first person he saw was Jesus. What a comforting thought! Let’s always be ready to meet our creator.


  1. What a beautiful gift your grandfather gave you, how precious! One that will last for generations. It makes me reflect on how important the faith we pass on to our children is.

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