Messiah (Handel)

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Saturday, my husband and I went on a nice date. We took the metro to D.C., had some seafood, and walk to the Kennedy Center to see a great show: Messiah (Handel) played by the National Symphony Orchestra. We had a nice drink on the terrace overlooking to the city at night. It was beautiful! Then, we headed to the play.

The Messiah from Handel is an English oratorio composed by Handel in 1741 with scriptural text compiled by Jennens from the King James Bible. The text is a reflection on Jesus as Messiah. What a better show for Christmas, huh? The text is in three parts, Part I is about the prophecies by Isaiah and others and the message to the shepherds. Part II reflects on the passion and ends with the famous “Hallelujah”. Part III is about the resurrection of Jesus and His ascent to Heaven.

It was nice to take a time out and reflect more on the coming of Jesus. He came into our weakness as a baby… I was thinking of how Mary probably felt privileged to carry Jesus, the Son of God; carry God. Isn’t it an amazing thought? Then, I thought… Jesus promised to send His Spirit when He went back to heaven. So, today, if we believe in Him, we have the same privilege: God lives in us through His Spirit just like He lived in Mary. How what love!





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