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The Christmas tree is up! But let’s back track 😉

So, we did Thanksgiving the Italian way. How so? Well, since I was cooking and my mother’s family is Italian, I decided to do it differently. It is the second year that this happens. So far, no one has complained about my homemade lasagna! Speaking of my lasagna… we have a very good friend who went to Italy and purposely ordered lasagna in each restaurant. He came back and told me that he didn’t find one that tasted as good as mine 😉

My in-laws came to town and we had one of my colleagues and her daughter over.

So, on the menu we had:

Aperitif/ appetizer: small toasts with smoked salmon salad or Boursin cheese; Italian salami; French cheese; and olives with red wine.

Main dish: homemade lasagna with ground beef, tomato sauce, white béchamel sauce, ham, peas, and mozzarella.

Desert: a glass of Asti Spumante with a piece of panettone topped with a mascarpone sauce. Delicious!

Next year, well… we will see what kind of Thanksgiving we can have in Chad. I am sure of this already: it won’t have to be that big…. Looking at how most of the population is living, I am sure I’ll just be thankful for Jesus in my life and a roof over our head!







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