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Have you ever spent an entire weekend without your phone? I just did and you know what, it felt great!

My husband and I decided to spend a few days in the George Washington National Forest in Virginia. We rented a cabin in the middle of nowhere and when I say nowhere, I mean it. The closest town was 30 minutes away and the town consisted in one gas station and one convenient store. The first grocery store was over one hour from where we stayed. It was so far into the mountains that my cellphone had no service at all and I loved it!

The first night made us realized that we did not know what it is to live without noise. It was so quiet. No cars, no lights, no technology… quiet… The only noise came from the birds or deer walking around on the property. It was great.

During the weekend, we went for walks by the river and on the property, we explored the Allegheny Mountains in West Virginia, and we made it to Hot Springs and Warm Springs, VA in which they have natural hot and warm springs to bathe in. We even had lunch in an old local dinner.

Everywhere we drove, we saw many deer. We hoped to see a black bear but without any luck. We met a guy in Monterey, VA who registers animals for the state when people bring them to him after the hunt. For bears, he pulls out a tooth out of the animal and sends it to a lab and they track the bear’s population within the state with the DNA of the tooth. He told us that they had brought a bear that very morning; we had just missed it! Granted, I would rather see one alive!

Every night, my husband built a fire outside and we had s’mores, hot teas, and some red wine. I am thankful for the fire because it was it the low 20s.

Spending the weekend out of town in a place without connection to the world was a nice way to disconnect and recharge my battery. I recommend it to anyone! Looking at the mountains always reminds me of God’s power and love. He reminds me of that verse “God is greater than our hearts and He knows everything” 1 John 3:20

Now, back to work tomorrow and back to trying to finish my dissertation!

P.S. Yes, the cats came with us. They took over the upstairs bedroom and Woody enjoyed the back screened porch. I think that he now believes he is an outdoor cat!

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  1. It was so nice to read about your weekend away from everything. I love to do that, also. I am still working hard to learn French. The teacher that took you place is as special as you were. Although it is hard I am determined to persist. Be well and God Bless!
    Janice Lightner

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