When the apartment becomes a classroom

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I thought teaching full days was enough work but since my husband started to learn French for his job, I even teach at night! Every day, he goes to school and studies French for the day. He comes home and I study with him and help him with memorization and grammar.

This is a new thing is our marriage because we have always communicated in English. Now, we start speaking French at home. It will be a plus when we have children; we will be able to teach them English and French. This is also a new thing for my side of the family because my husband never really communicated with them in French.  He did to a certain extent but he had never learned the structure, so it was limited. Every week, he calls my mother and they have conversations! It is so fun to listen to these. My mother is so much fun and goes along for any type of conversation. My husband has been practicing with her what he learns during the previous week.

So, we don’t have wallpaper anymore; we have pictures, verbs, and expressions covering the walls of the apartment.  Anyway, now I am a real full-time teacher: at work and at home 🙂





  1. He’s so blessed to get the review and reinforcement at home with you and with your mom! That’s fantastic! Bon! 🙂

  2. I am so excited for your husband, he is learning another language and you are there to make a difference for him. I begin again with my class at the French Institute next Thursday. I am very excited. God Bless you both! Jan Lightner

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