A Fun Day in Virginia

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So, I have wanted to go to Mount Vernon for a while now. We have tried to make it out there several times. We tried again today. I say “tried” because we almost made it to the entrance and it was so packed that we decided to abort the mission. So, we started driving towards the mountains and found ourselves in a charming tiny town; Upperville.

Upperville is a small town located in the mountains and is considered as a Virginia Historic Landmark. We had a late lunch at the Hunter’s Head Tavern. Lunch was delicious: fresh and tasted like homemade. I had the chicken pot pie and my husband had the skinny meatloaf. The tavern had a funny system to serve tables. They gave us a wooden spoon with a number on it and we had to order from the bar with our spoon 🙂




After, we drove through country roads and stumbled across a piece of land for sale. We went and took a peak at it. It was gorgeous! We are thinking about buying some land one day… I love the mountains so much!



On the way back, we saw that a winery was opened. We got into the property and they were having a festival. The weather was perfect today so we decided to enjoy a glass of wine, sit in the grass, and enjoy the beautiful sight. There was a band playing jazz, kids rolling in the grass, and families having fun. They even had hammocks by the creek!




It was such a beautiful and needed day. I feel like these past weeks have been long and today felt like a mini vacation. I am glad we couldn’t get into Mount Vernon! IMG_3023

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