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Kick off your shoes and dance through your day- God will happily take the lead. That was the quote that I quickly read this morning before I headed out the door to catch the bus.

As a teacher, I have bad days, days that are alright, good days, and amazing days. Today was an amazing day. My teacher friends will relate to this, I am sure: there are days when you wake up and drag your feet to the classroom and even wonder if it is worth it. But there are days when students make your day and it erases all the rough past.

Today, I listened to the new Hillsong Live CD on my bus ride. As I walked out of the bus, I saw a few squirrels (people who know me know that I love them) that were eating some bread someone had brought to them. I arrived to work and had a great morning teaching. One of my morning students is Muslim and she has been trying to learn English so hard for the past few months. She has learned so much lately that she goes and talks to other students and staff members. During lunch, another teacher and I took this woman to lunch and the school bought her a new pair of much needed shoes. You should have seen the look on her face when we told her that she could pick a new pair of shoes. It was priceless!

This afternoon, one other student was complaining some about the class being too difficult and that it was too much for her. I explained to her that most students say that I am a strict teacher and I require a lot from my students. I told her that I believe my students to be smart and capable of great things. I emphasized the fact that I push my students because I know they are able to go above and beyond the minimum requirements. At that point, something awesome happened. As I was talking, another student (a young man) stood up and said: “teacher, let me tell them”. He said (with his Arabic accent): “This is true, the teacher changed me. Before, I was not like this but now, I am a good student”. What you need to know about this young man is that I had him repeat a grammar class because he was never on time, he never did his homework, he came without books or pens, and he never studied.  He was pretty upset with me at first but soon realized that I was right. You should see him apply himself today and pushing the other students to study. So, coming from him… It was a miracle. I guess it is like when we are saved, become God’s children, and walk in freedom; we can stand up and declare that we have been changed, that we are not the same, and we can’t keep in it to the point that we are pushing others to encounter God like we did.

I finished the day by walking back to the bus stop and I ran into a lady who was going to her car with a beautiful Golden Retriever. That’s my dream dog. The dog had been at an Alzheimer center and had visited some patients. The lady let me pet him. This brought a happy closure to my teaching day. I guess the quote was right; I just had to kick off my shoes and dance through my day- God happily took the lead.



  1. Such a wonderful day! I love how your one student got up to defend you; it must’ve been nice to hear him say all of that. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful story. This morning I was talking to a woman I went to high school with. ( Went to an all-girls school.) She and I took French classes together from 9th to 12th grade. I told her that I had taken classes at FIAF in Montclair and that I learned more taking that one class than I had taken four years of French in high school and two years of French in college. You are an excellent teacher. All of your students are so lucky to have had (and have) you as a teacher.
    Best wishes,

  3. What an encouraging post Maite…love you and this tribute to good work ethic and God ordained and appointed opportunities!

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