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I logged in today and realized that I have not written for almost a month! So, what’s new?

I started working about 6 weeks ago and I got very busy. I really like my new job. I teach ESL to foreigners, mainly Muslim adult students. I have been immersed in a culture that is new to me. I am learning new things every day. Some of my students are women who are covered from head to toes. They uncover their faces when they are with me in the classroom. With some of them, I am one of the few Americans that they are allowed to interact with. I feel privileged to share that time with them. Four weeks ago, one of them started classes with me. She started and was unable to make sentences and make herself understood. This past week, everyone at the language center was amazed at how well she was speaking and writing in English. This woman has been working so hard and she is so excited to be able to express herself now. I can relate to these people so much because I know how it feels to be in a new country and to have such a difficult time expressing things.

I feel so blessed by this job every day. God placed me there for a reason. First, share His love. The other day, I was teaching a student the expression “to be afraid of” and I asked him: “what are you afraid of?” He said: “I am afraid of my God” and he explained why. He then asked me if I was afraid of my God. I responded that no, I wasn’t afraid because my God gave His son for me and He died on a cross for me so I would not have to be afraid anymore. I told him that my God loved me so much that He gave everything for me. This student had never heard about Jesus dying on the cross. I think that, in America, we take for granted the idea that everyone knows about Christ and what He did for us but no… There are so many who still need to hear. I feel so honored to work in that place. Second, I’m grateful to God because He is exposing me to the Muslim culture before we move to Africa next year. His plan is always so strategic!

Last weekend, my husband and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. Time flies! It seems like it was yesterday and at the same time, it seems like so much as happened since then…maybe because much has happened! For one, we have lived in 7 different places! When people ask us about where home is, we are not sure where that is. One thing we know for sure is that home is wherever we are.

We celebrated by spending the morning and early afternoon in Great Falls, VA. It was beautiful! The water falls, the river, the woods… It was a gorgeous day as well as the humidity was low and the sun was shining. We hiked for a few hours and sat by the river to have lunch. Later that night, we went to dinner and had amazing seafood.




Today, we went for a long walk and I asked my husband: “When you look deep down into your heart, what is your biggest dream? What do you want the most?” He responded: “I want to be a good husband, a good friend, and one day a good father”. WOW… You know, sometimes, I get wrapped around so many dreams or ideas but my husband reminded me that this is not the most important thing. I count my blessings when I look at my husband. He loves God and loves me and his deepest desire is to be a good husband to me. How many wives can say the same thing?

Alright, enough for today!


  1. Bonjour Maite, I love your blogs and the wonderful energy you bring to each one. I am so blessed that I spent two semesters studying with you. This is such a bonus to continue to be connected through the internet. People come into our lives for a reason.
    Lots of love, Janice

  2. happy anniversary! you’re both blessed to have each other, so made for each other! Your job sounds tailor-made for you by the Tailor, our Tailor! haha! Love you, miss you, and praying for you!

  3. Vous êtes super beaux les amoureux ! Tu es une bénédiction partout où tu es. Merci Seigneur pour tout ce que tu fais pour Sa gloire, c’est trop bien ! 🙂

  4. I always enjoy reading your blogs. I truly love you and Travis and am so thankful for your relationship to each other and the Lord! Congratulations on 6 years…the best is yet to come! xoxo

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