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At my house, we don’t have a TV, we never have. By we don’t have a TV; I mean we don’t have cable, satellite, or anything like that. We do have a TV and a DVD player and we do watch movies. Some people have asked us why we don’t have a TV to begin with… well, we just believe that there is a lot of junk on TV and life is already so full of bad stories, why would I want to watch more of it freely? Anyway… So, we watch movies but here is the other issue. So many movies are either extremely violent, either sexual, or either vulgar. Usually the vulgarity, the sexuality, or the violence doesn’t add anything to the story. Sometimes, I go to pick a movie at the store and I feel so discouraged when I read the ratings.

I just wanted to share two great movies we watched recently. The first one is Here Comes the Boom with Kevin James. It is the story of a high school teacher who has lost his passion. One of his colleagues is going to lose his job because of budget cuts and he decides to raise the money to save it. He ends up becoming a mixed-martial arts fighter and raises the money. At the same time, he inspires a whole community and finds his passion to teach again. The second one is 42 with Harrison Ford. The movie is about Jackie Robinson, the first African American player in baseball. I really liked the movie because it shows how it was for him but it also shows the power of turning the other cheek.



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  1. oh wow, we just watched “42” last week, we LOVED it. Very inspirational. We were really moved by Jackie Robinson, his strong sense of integrity and character, taking all that abuse silently (reminds me of Jesus’s example). Wonderful movie. We’ll check out that Kevin James movie, thanks for the recommendation.

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