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Have you heard of the word “Atlas” before? Well, in French it makes reference to a geography book with maps. The word, however, originated from the Greek mythology. Atlas was a titan holding the celestial sphere.


Well, this week I discovered that it is also used to describe our first cervical also called C1. How I discovered this? Well, I have been having headaches, migraines, jaw pain, ear pain, neck pain… and finally, my TMJ dentist sent me to a chiropractor specialist (an Atlas Orthogonist). The latest discovered (through x-rays and tests) that my Atlas was misaligned with my spine as well as my C2: C1 was going to the right; C2 was going to the left. This must have happened during a shock or an accident.


So, the chiropractor realigned my spine without any manipulation or cracking but using an instrument sending a wave to reposition my atlas. The results appeared right away. The pre and post x-rays show that the Atlas went back to its position. Now my whole spine is moving back to a normal position. My body is auto-healing because the first cervical was moved.

I am not a complainer and I believe God heals. I also believe that God gives wisdom to men. I just wanted to share this story because I have been in a lot of pain for the past year and a half and no one until last week had suggested my spine. I also wanted to share my story in case someone would benefit from it. Here is good website if you are interested. The video is in German but the rest is in English.


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