Moving Week

Moving week… the apartment is officially under attack! Boxes, clothes, books, knick knacks…It looks like an explosion.

Moving always brings mixed feelings to me but good mixed feelings. I highly enjoy going through our stuff and downsizing before each move. For me, I believe it is a way of blessings people. We blessed people with kitchen and bathroom items as well as some furniture and clothes. It is like a way of making room for the new chapter and season of my life. I get rid of some things to welcome new ones not only in a material way but in a spiritual way as well. Talking of new chapter… Do you think we have too many books?

I also enjoy stumbling across things I have not seen in a while. For example, I stumbled across a notebook that we had out on our wedding day and in which people wrote blessings and notes for us. I also came across another notebook that was used for my 20th-birthday. My sisters had organized a surprise party and they had put together a book with pictures of me when I was little and guests wrote birthday blessings and wishes. Looking at blessings from the past is such a treasure for our lives. Just like Psalms 103 says: Bless the Lord O my soul and remember all of his blessings!

I also found my lighting bug from when I was a little; my Winnie the Pooh that a good friend of mine gave me years ago. That Winnie the Pooh is dear to my heart as my friend passed away at a very young age. He used to play the violin…. I believe he is playing in heaven for God now.

Anyway… more coming later. Next time I write, we should be out of NYC and settled in our new apartment around Washington D.C.



photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (1)

photo 4 (1)


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