Birthday Week 2

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On Sunday, my father preached in our home church (The Hudson Vineyard in North Bergen). He shared a message on being passionate for God and serving Him with passion. My father had a great time meeting everyone.



Sunday afternoon, we went to Time Square Church. My father grew up listening to David Wilkerson’s messages and he really wanted to visit his church. It is sad that this man of God passed away recently but he surely left a legacy for thousands to be spiritually blessed.


Sunday night, we met a life-long friend who I had not seen for almost six years. She was there with her husband and son. We walked around Time Square, bough some M&M’s, we had so Asian food and caught up with life.


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On Monday, I took my dad to see Ms. Liberty and we went to do some shopping. At some point, I drove to the Unique Photo Store because my dad wanted to look at cameras. When we got out of the store, my car wouldn’t start! I called Geico and they sent someone. God’s timing was perfect. I literary hung up the phone with Geico and the repair truck pulled behind me! The guy said he was right around the corner. Thankfully, he tried to jump start the battery and it worked! We had to get a new one right away but I’m glad it wasn’t anything else.



On Tuesday, my dad went home and it was weird. I said goodbye before he went through security then I left. When I left, it felt empty. For the past week, my dad has been my shadow everywhere we went and suddenly, nobody was following me anymore! We had a great time and I’m so thankful we were able to spend the week together.

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  1. *We* were sad to see him go, can only imagine how it was for you! Glad you had a good visit with him; loved the car story; so glad that worked out well. Hugs!

  2. Aw Maite!!! I love reading this blog! Thanks for sharing with us!! I’m so glad you had your dad around for a special celebration….your birthday!!! Xoxo

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