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This week has been busy! On Tuesday, I picked up my dad at the airport. It is his second time in the United States, first time in New York City. So, I picked him up and we spent some relaxing time on Tuesday afternoon. With the jetlag, he was pretty tired and went to bed pretty early. Here he is: first picture out of the plane.


On Wednesday, it was pouring down over the city but thankfully the weather cleared up and we were able to move forward with our plan: visit the new World Trade Center that is not opened to the public yet. We were welcomed by a member of the family association of the victims of the World Trade Center and he gave Travis, my father, and I a tour of the Memorial. Then, a Port Authority Police Officer showed us the names of the certain victims on the walls of the Memorial pools. Finally, another officer took us up the tower. We went up the 49th floor in less than 15 seconds. Then, we took another elevator to the 75th and 89th floors. It was pretty awesome to see the tower still in construction and the view was phenomenal. We couldn’t go to the top floor (105) because there was too much construction going on that day. By the way, yesterday, they installed the last piece of the top of the tower: it is now 1776 feet just like the date of our Independence. Here are some pictures!



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After this, my dad treated Travis and I to a fancy restaurant in the City for my birthday. We then visited the Apple “TEMPLE” by Central Park. By the way, my dad got on the metro for the first time in his life.


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On Thursday, we drove down to Washington D.C. to visit the downtown area. It was my dad’s first time in D.C. as well. We saw the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, the Washington Memorial, the Capitol, the White house, and the World War II Memorial. We had a nice dinner at Ted Montana Grill and my dad had a bison burger.



On Friday, we drove to the Arundel Mills which has over 200 stores and most are outlets. My dad got me a very nice pair of Calvin Klein sunglasses and a nice Coach purse (65% off!!!). In the afternoon, we drove to my in-laws for diner. We had delicious ribs that my father-in-law cooked. We stayed there for a few hours and then drove back to New York City and arrived at night.

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Well, it is Saturday and I am pretty tired! Tomorrow will be a great day but I’ll tell you more about it later.


  1. We enjoyed your visit very much. The ribs were delicious but the company….PRICELESS!!!

  2. I’m so glad you had the chance to spend time with your dad. The trip to WTC must’ve been unforgettable. btw, the Coach bag is divine!! And the discount, too! ha!

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