Proposal Defense

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Proposal Defense

For those of you who did not, I am finishing a Doctorate in Education with Liberty University. Today, I defended my Dissertation Proposal and I passed with minor modifications! YEAH!!!! I can now file an IRB which is a form that officially allows me to carry out my research to the field. I am so thankful to God for this amazing blessing. God willing, I will be collecting data before June and defending before Christmas. It would be such an awesome Christmas present. Stay tuned for more…

Soutenance de proposition de recherche

Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas… je finis un doctorat en Science de l’Education avec l’Université LIBERTY en Virginie. Aujourd’hui, j’ai soutenu ma proposition de recherche et j’ai réussi ! CHOUETTE !!!! Je peux maintenant remplir les formulaires qui me permettront de faire ma recherche sur le terrain. Je bénis le Seigneur pour cette merveilleuse bénédiction. Dieu voulant, je vais collecter mes données avant le mois de juin et soutenir ma thèse avant Noel. Ce serait un si beau cadeau de Noel ! Restez connectés pour la suite…


  1. Does this mean that when I meet you after Christmas I can refer to you as Dr. Blanton? You inspire me, Maty. I continue with lessons on my own till I can again begin formally. I am determined to be able to read, speak, and understand at a simple level. We will both keep working.

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